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7th Annual Berg & Seeger Results

Our boys and girls track teams participated in the 7th annual Berg & Seeger Relays at Danville, Kentucky.  A total of 15 deaf schools participated in the meet. Both boys and girls did very well at the meet.  The boys won 2nd place and the girls captured 3rd place.

1. Minnesota 145
2. Maryland 100
3. Alabama 73
1. Minnesota 103
2. Alabama 102
3. Maryland 97
We had some individuals who finished in top three places.
First place:
Tobi Lisoyi (triple jump)
Paula Hare (800m run)
Second place:
Diamani McNeely (shot put)
Paula Hare (400m dash)
Tomi Lisoyi (discus)
Tobi Lisoyi, Bobga Tete, Egan Seremeth & Tarik Wallace (4×100 relay)
Lance Brewer, Mauricio Orozco, Bobga Terte & Tarik Wallace (4×200 relay)
Lance Brewer, Maverick Obermiller, Carrol Barnes & Mauricio Orozco (4×400 relay)
Third place:
Madison Givens (high Jump)
Tobi Lisoyi (shot put)
Lance Brewer (high jump)
Carroll Barnes, Jiang McConville, Maverick Obermiller & Joey Hoffman (4×800 relay)
Paula Hare, Monet Clark, Carolyn Wiley & Tamia Harris (4×100 relay)
Jaqqie Boese, Gillian Lawrence, Taylor Gary & Keh-osha Foster (4×800 relay)

7th Berg/Seeger Classic results is now available.



2014 ESDAA Track & Field

Athletics Department is looking forward to hosting 51st Boys and 37th girls ESDAA Track & Field tournament here at MSD on May 10th. Please see flyer for more information on admission and more. 

ESDAA Track & Field 2014 Flyer

Hoy Tournament

Our softball and baseball team will be participating in the Hoy Tournament this weekend at California School for the Deaf, Fremont. For more information on history, teams, schedule, game result and more- 

Good luck to our athletes and coaches! 

Special Olympics Basketball – State Tournament

MSD Special Olympics basketball team participated in State tournament last weekend. 

Athletic Department is pleased to announce that the Special Olympics Basketball Team earned 4 medals. 

1 gold medal in individual skills competition by Philippe Belanger. (Coach Scott Perkins)

1 bronze medal and 1 gold medal in 3v3 team competition by Simone Proby, Shemardo Bartley, Lamont Duke, Solomon Douglas, Lance Norman, Ashley Thompson, Haley Rhyanes, Caleb Oulimette, Jasmine Woodruff. (Coaches Val Depcik and Susan Kaplan)

1 gold medal in the 5v5 team competition by Parker Hollins, Max Olson, Gabby Smith, Chantaye Green, Zachary Baldwin, Brandon Garrett, Austin Hackney, Patrick Dowling. (Coaches Keri Boden and DeAngelo Brown)

National Deaf Girls Basketball Camp Flyer

2013-14 Camp Flyer

2014 Summer Camps at MSD

2014 MSDAA Day

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MSD Girls Basketball wins NDIAA National Champions

Another big highlight for our Athlete Department- Our girls basketball team was voted as 2013-14 National Champions by NDIAA (National Deaf Interscholastic Athletic Association). In addition to this honor, Amy Mowl was voted as Coach of the Year and Tessa Lewis as Player of the Year! 
Congratulations to all!!
Below are winners of all winter sports (voted by NDIAA Board).


TOY- Model

COY- Thad Ferguson, Model

WOY- Mijail Enriquez-Biaz, Fremont


Boys Basketball

Div 1:

TOY – Fremont

COY- Kevin Kovacs, Fremont

POY- Trace Martin, Fremont


Div 2:

TOY – Rochester

COY – Mickey Helmick, Rochester

POY – Dennis Williams, Fanwood


Girls Basketball

Div 1:

TOY- Maryland

COY- Amy Mowl, Maryland

POY- Tessa Lewis, Maryland


Div 2:

TOY- Minnesota

COY – Matthew Eby, Wisconsin

POY – Tabitha Anderson, Minnesota & Shaqwanna Green, ENCSD


TOY – Team of the Year

COY- Coach of the Year

POY – Player of the Year

WOY – Wrestler of the Year

February Athlete of Month

Emily DeSimone

Basketball – Emily DeSimone

Tessa Lewis

Basketball – Tessa Lewis

Jeffrey Navarro

Wrestling – Jeffrey Navarro

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