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Willigan Wrestling Results

Below are results of Willigan Wrestling tournament at Indiana School for the Deaf last weekend.  Our team did well and congratulations to all winners!

Tournament results and scores can be found at


2015 Willigan – Special Awards

Sportsmanship Award: Maryland

Fastest Pin: Tommy of Nouthavykoun of Texas, :09 seconds

Most Pins:  Dylan Rodgers of Texas, 3 pins in 2:55 minutes

Most Outstanding Wrestler – Light Weight (106-145): Andrew Todd (Indiana)

Most Outstanding Wrestler – Heavy Weight (152-285): Zeniko Acosta-Grant (Riverside)



Champion: Indiana 

Runner-Up: Riverside 

3rd Place: Model 

4th Place: Texas 

5th Place: Maryland 

6th Place: Fremont 


Individual Results:

First place
Gareth Hayes – 113lb class

Second place
DeBrian John – 285lb class

Third place
Angelo Archibald – 145lb class 

Tessa Lewis’ Record-Breaking Video

Tessa Lewis Broke 63-years-old MSD All-Time Scoring Record

Tessa Lewis became MSD’s All-Time scoring leader on Tuesday night after scoring her 1,503th point. The previous record was held by Donald Leitch with 1,502 points since 1952. Tessa’s milestone was reached with Donald Leitch and Tessa’s families in attendance. 



​*Photo was published in Maryland Bulletin in April, 1952*

Congratulations, Tessa!

Frederick News Post article:

SportsMX/NDIAA December 2014 Athletes of the Month Award


SportsMX and NDIAA are proud to announce the December 2014 recipients of  “SportsMX/NDIAAAthletes of the Month” awards. The purpose of this the award is  to recognize High School athletes across the country who have made significant  impact on their teams not just on the field/court but in academics, leadership,  and character as well. 

Our young Deaf athletes deserve recognition for their dedication and hard work.  SportsMX and NDIAA congratulate Brianna DiGiovanni (Rochester), Michaela Evans (Tennessee), Asheli Kleckley (Florida), and Tessa Lewis (Maryland)  on their selection to the “SportsMX/NDIAA Athletes of theMonth” for December  2014. 

Regardless whether the recognized athletes are from your school or not, we ask  that you share this announcement with your school, athletes, parents, and  community by sharing the link below and posting the attached PDF copy in your  gym/public areas to spread awareness and recognition for this award. 



SportsMX HS Sports 
Deaf Sports. That’s Us.

Clerc Classic XV Results

Below are results of Clerc Classic XV tournament at CSD-Fremont last weekend.  Our teams did very well and congratulations to all winners!

Tournament results and scores can be found at

Clerc Classic Basketball Tournament Awards: 

Girls Basketball:
Champions: Maryland
Runner-up: Texas
3rd Place: Indiana

Janet Talas, Sophomore – Phoenix
Emily DeSimone, Senior – Riverside
Brianna Dike, Junior – Fremont
Tiffany Anderson, Junior – Model
Emelia Beldon, Sophomore – Minnesota
Isabella Paulone, Sophomore – Indiana
Alexandra Muller, Senior – Texas
Deltona Markel, Senior – Texas
Adele Daniels, Junior – Maryland
Karita Lewis, Sophomore – Maryland

Most Valuable Player – Tessa Lewis, Senior  Maryland 


Boys Basketball:
Champions: Indiana
Runner-up: Maryland
3rd Place: Fremont

Jesus Espinoza, Junior – Phoenix
Noah Valenica, Junior – Riverside
Kyrell Cummings, Sophomore – Minnesota
Kyle Landergaugh, Senior – Model
Elonzo Arellano, Junior – Texas
Chandler Baer, Senior – Fremont
Giovanni Maucere, Senior – Maryland
Yave Sanchez, Junior – Maryland
Cody Crace, Senior – Indiana
Preston Kelly, Senior – Indiana

Most Valuable Player - Dante Paulone, Junior – Indiana


Champions: Indiana
Runner-up: Model
3rd Place: Fremont

All-Tournament Team
Aileen Slinkard – Indiana
Audrey Caseiro – Model
Aurora Frias – Riverside
Ben Beyer – Texas
Madison Givens – Maryland
Maia Swanson – Model
Nelson Palacios – Fremont
Viviana Givens – Texas

Tournament Sportsmanship Award

Boys Basketball: Fremont
Girls Basketball: Phoenix


December Athlete of Month

Dec - DeBrian John

Wrestling - DeBrian John


Basketball - Tessa Lewis


2014 Fall Sports Awards

Varsity Fall Cheerleading                                                                           

Most Improved                                              Anna O’Brien 

Best Spirit                                                     Kylie Frelich


JV Volleyball                                                                                     

Most Improved                                              Rose Viola Shephard 

Best All-Around Player                                  Carolyn Wiley

Coaches’ Award                                             Paula Hare                                          


Varsity Volleyball                                                                                         

Most Improved                                              Kaitlyn Weeks           

Most Outstanding Player                               Adele Daniels

Coaches’ Award                                             Brooke Bonheyo

Stoltz-Lehmann – Most Valuable Player         Tessa Lewis                                        


JV Football                                                                                                   

Coaches’ Award                                             Austin Wilson

Most Outstanding Offensive Player                Maurice Braxton

Most Outstanding Defensive Player                Jake Bortoletto                                               


Varsity Football                                                                                            

Most Improved                                               Damon Biskupiak

Unsung Hero                                                  Mauricio Orozco

Coaches’ Award                                              Bailey Moers  

Most Outstanding Lineman                              Diamani McNeely

Most Outstanding Offensive Player                   Austin Latin   

Charles E. Moylan – Most Valuable Player         Yave Sanchez


November Athlete of Month

Austin - NovFootball - Austin Latin

Brooke - NovVolleyball - Brooke Bonheyo


2014 Fall Season NDIAA National Champions

Athletics Department is elated to announce that our football and volleyball teams were selected as NDIAA National Champions for fall 2014 season. Also, Tessa Lewis were selected as volleyball Player of Year. Congratulations to our coaches and athletes! 

National Champion: Maryland
Player of Year: Tessa Lewis, Maryland
Coach of Year: Aimee Bippus, Indiana

National Champion: Fremont & Maryland
Player of Year: Dante Paulone, Indiana
Coach of Year: Warren Keller, Fremont
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