Brooke Bonheyo and Bobga Tete were selected as “Athlete of the Month” for the month of November. Please see Head Coaches’ comments about those athletes below.  Congratulations!!!

Brooke Bonheyo

Girls’ Basketball

Bobga Tete

Boys’ Basketball

“Brooke inspires our team with her mental toughness, grit, and determination. She brings a spirit of perseverance to the team. Brooke genuinely believes in teamwork and the value of sacrifice for a common goal, which is a tremendous virtue for any team player.” – Head Coach Amy Mowl

Bobga has played a pivotal role in success of our football and basketball teams this year. Bobga has excelled in both classroom and on field/court by displaying his leadership, is very coachable, works hard and gives 100% effort daily. He always has the intensity to excel and he will thrive for more success in his life.” – Head Coach James DeStefano.