December Athlete of the Month

Crosse Herpin and Eve Wood-Jacobowitz were selected as “Athlete of the Month” for the month of December. Please see Head Coaches’ comments about those athletes below.  Congratulations!!!

Crosse Herpin


Eve Wood-Jacobowitz

Girls’ Basketball

“Crosse is in his first year wrestling and he has already shown promising potential talent. He has the heart of a competitor for he simply refuses to give up in any of his matches. Crosse has always given 110% effort on the practice mat and during meets.”  – Assistant Coach Alex Simmons

“Eve’s athleticism and intense defensive skills played a huge role in the team’s success this season. She has worked hard in the off-season to improve her all-around game and has since earned her way to the starting lineup. Eve exhibits a great deal of flexibility, an important characteristic in a team player, as she willingly plays hard in any position we need her to play in.” – Head Coach Amy Mowl

November Athlete of the Month

Brooke Bonheyo and Bobga Tete were selected as “Athlete of the Month” for the month of November. Please see Head Coaches’ comments about those athletes below.  Congratulations!!!

Brooke Bonheyo

Girls’ Basketball

Bobga Tete

Boys’ Basketball

“Brooke inspires our team with her mental toughness, grit, and determination. She brings a spirit of perseverance to the team. Brooke genuinely believes in teamwork and the value of sacrifice for a common goal, which is a tremendous virtue for any team player.” – Head Coach Amy Mowl

Bobga has played a pivotal role in success of our football and basketball teams this year. Bobga has excelled in both classroom and on field/court by displaying his leadership, is very coachable, works hard and gives 100% effort daily. He always has the intensity to excel and he will thrive for more success in his life.” – Head Coach James DeStefano.

12th Annual Oriole Classic Basketball Tournament

Fall Sports Awards Night Scheduled for Wednesday, December 14

October Athlete of the Month

Emelia Beldon, Jamila Coons and DeBrian John were selected as “Athlete of the Month” for the month of October. Please see Head Coaches’ comments about those athletes below.  Congratulations!!

Emelia Beldon


Jamila Coons

Fall Cheerleading

DeBrian John


Emilia is an exceptional passer.  She chases down every ball constantly.  She has an excellent ball control.  Her tremendous serve receiving helps the team run the offense accurately.  She is one of the key players assisting the team win both IPSL and MIAC tournaments.” – Head Coach Vicki Kitsembel

“Jamila Coons was selected as Athlete of the Month because of her dedication to our cheerleading program.  She is one of the three captains for our squad.  She also was recognized by the coaches for her dedication at our Little Orioles Cheerleading Clinic and for the brief showcase at the Seniors’ Night.  Her strength as a base person for stunts will be sorely missed by our squad as she will be graduating this year.” – Head Coach Dani Hernandez

“DeBrian John is the biggest unsung hero on the team.  He is our starting center and nose guard.  On defense, our opponents had to double team him which created plenty of space for our linebackers to make plays.  On offense, he is one of the main reasons why we are having so much success on the ground this year.  As one of the captains, he has been our vocal leader throughout the season.” – Head Coach Ryan Bonheyo

September Athlete of the Month

Rodney Burford, Kylie Frelich and Karita Lewis were selected as “Athlete of the Month” for the month of September. Please see Head Coaches’ comments about those athletes below.  Congratulations!!!

Rodney Burford


Kylie Frelich

Fall Cheerleading

Karita Lewis


“Rodney is one of our biggest contributors on and off the field.  He has been our vocal leader since day one.  Rodney is also one of six team captains.  He is currently second on the team in both rushing yards and tackles.  We are very proud of how much Rodney has improved since the day he transferred to MSD.”  – Head Coach Ryan Bonheyo

“Kylie was chosen as an athlete of the month because of her natural born spirit leadership and is one of the captains for our current Fall 2016-2017 squad.  It is always like she loves to cheer with all of her heart on the football field. She has this alluring spirit in cheer leading for the fans while cheering and dancing gracefully.  The squad and coaches are also very fortunate to have her on the squad for her excellent memory of all routines and her patience with new-comers.  Lastly, she is graduating this year as a senior and we are grateful to have known for the past few years as an amazing high school football cheerleader.”  – Head Coach Dani Hernandez

“Karita is an all around player who executes on the court.  She continues to work hard and looks to attack at opportune times.  She averages 15 kills per match.  In September she helped the team win two tournaments – New Life Fall Classic and Oriole Classic.”  – Head Coach Vicki Kitsembel

August Athlete of the Month

Rajena Guettler and Brady Perry were selected as “Athlete of the Month” for the month of August. Please see Head Coaches’ comments about those athletes below.  Congratulations!!!

Rajena Guettler


Brady Perry


“Rajena is a driven and energetic player.  She worked hard in the weight room during the summer.  She moved up to the varsity team full time.  She has the unquenchable thirst to be a better player.  Often times she figures out and makes things happen.  Her positive energy is contagious.” Head Coach Vicki Kitsembel

“Brady worked hard in the weight room throughout the summer.  The result has shown.  He was named as one of six team captains.  After our first 5 games, Brady leads the team in rushing yards, receiving yards, and scoring.  He is one of the main reasons why we are 5-0 right now.”   Head Coach Ryan Bonheyo

Mark Your Calendar – 2016 Homecoming




It’s Time For Friday Night Lights!

Texas School for the Deaf Rangers Travel to MSD for Showdown at the Creager Field!

Check out the flyer for more information on the Friday Night Lights game between our own Maryland School for the Deaf and Texas School for the Deaf on the evening of Friday, September 23rd at 7:00pm.

See you at the Lights!!


Girls Volleyball – Oriole Classic Champions

Last Saturday we hosted 7th annual Oriole Classic volleyball tournament and there were a total of 10 varsity and 8 junior varsity teams participating.  The day was filled with so many exciting matches, especially the varsity championship match between MSD and Heritage Academy.

Heritage Academy was undefeated (20-0) going into the championship match and we defeated them in a nail-biting match, 2 to 1 (23-25, 25-23 and 15-12).  This is our second straight and third overall title.  Heritage Academy has one player on their team who is being recruited by University of Maryland.

Our JV team went undefeated in pool play but they lost in semifinals and finished third.

Congratulations to our girls and coaches!!  Head Coach Vicki Kitsembel and her coaching staff (Krystle Berrigan, Chrissy Rowinski and Tamara Jo Coleman) did a fantastic job.

We want to thank everyone who helped out with the tournament.  Our booster club led by Dawn Schriver made it possible to have a successful tournament. There were many volunteers from the community who helped out with scorekeeping, statistics, admissions, concessions and other things.

Once again, thanks to everyone and congratulations to our girls & coaches.

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