Clerc 2016 – Cheerleading Competition

The cheerleading competition will be based on 3 rounds of activities.


kennyknight Kenny Knight has been involved with the sport of Cheerleading for
over 20 years. As an all-star cheerleader, he was ranked and recognized
nationally by various organizations. Later on, the National Cheerleading
Association, NCA invited him to teach as an instructor. There he was
awarded with the Most Spirited Instructor Award and the Top Rookie
Award. Kenny Knight has coached and conducted clinics that have led
multiple teams to regional and national titles. He is currently a judge
for local, state and regional level competitions.
rhondamillhouse Rhonda Milhouse has been involved with cheerleading since 1996.
She began her coaching career as a cheer coach for a youth cheerleading
and football organization. She then became coordinator for the same
organization later on. She became a high school varsity cheer coach and
also the head of the cheer program where her squad amassed more than
10 county championships within 14 seasons. She is now an assistant
cheer coach at the College of Southern Maryland. Rhonda Milhouse
has been a judge for cheer competitions.
kimberlyshiloh Kimberly Shiloh is a graduate of the University of Baltimore and is
currently attending the University of Baltimore School of Law. She
has 25 years of experience with cheerleading as an athlete, coach and
judge. Kimberly Shiloh has been judging cheer competitions for the past
seven years and has numerous certifications in the field of cheerleading.
lisasmithson Lisa Smithson has 15 years of cheerleading experience. She has coached
junior varsity and varsity cheerleading at a high school where she was
given the award of “Youth Coach Good Sports Award”. She was also
involved with recreational cheerleading as a coordinator and coach. In
addition, she coached a competition squad. Lisa Smithson is a certified
judge with the Maryland Judges Association.


  1. Sidelines
  2. Floor Cheer
  3. Dance


The order of team is based of the team drawn on 01/13/2016

  1. Fremont
  2. Indiana
  3. Maryland
  4. Riverside
  5. Texas
  6. Model


The judges will vote the best team that has best average from performances of all the rounds.

2016clerccheerchampsChampions – Model

2nd Place – Indiana

3rd Place – Fremont







All-Star Team:


Maia Swanson – Model

Audrey Caseiro – Model

Carina Traina – Maryland

Kaela Luttrell – Maryland

Madison Givens – Maryland

Chandra Bishop – Texas

Nelson Palacios – Fremont

Janeva Mosher – Janeva Mosher


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