2014 Spike Out History

The Spike-Out Volleyball Tournament was originated at the Indiana School for the Deaf in 1999 under the Athletic Director and Volleyball Coach Brian Bippus, who envisioned a national deaf volleyball tournament bringing together outstanding teams and athletes. The idea was to bring top teams to one site and let them “spike each other out” to claim the national championship. The school who wins that year’s tournament often win the year’s Deaf Prep National Volleyball Championship.

Year Site Champions Runner-Up
1999 Indiana Texas Model
2000 Model Model Indiana
2001 Kansas Indiana Model
2002 Texas Indiana Model
2003 Maryland Maryland Indiana
2004 Minnesota Indiana Maryland
2005 Fremont Indiana Maryland
2006 Indiana Maryland Texas
2007 Texas Maryland Texas
2008 Maryland Maryland Indiana
2009 Wisconsin Maryland Indiana
2010 Riverside Maryland Indiana
2011 Indiana Indiana Maryland
2012 Arizona Texas Indiana
2013 Texas Fremont Maryland
2014 Maryland Maryland Indiana
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